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The Media Arts Center can help you create audio and video production and performance media like the pros do.

The Media Arts Center is an educational enrichment center serving Charlotte, North Carolina focused on building the skills of aspiring filmmakers and other professionals or creative individuals who would like to put their knowledge into practice. Many graduates leave their traditional programs without the hands-on experience they need to succeed in the industry. Audio and video performance and production courses can enhance your skills portfolio and fuel your passion.

About The Media Arts Center in Charlotte, North Carolina

All courses consist of 16 classes for a period of 16 weeks for $3800. Disciplines covered include audio production, audio performance, video production, video performance, film scriptwriting, film production, film post production, and digital social media management. Through these courses, students gain valuable insights from experienced instructors, apply what they have learned, and become effective creators of audio and video media themselves.

You’ll learn to use the equipment and software that professionals use, gaining technical skills you may not have acquired yet. From HD cameras and lighting equipment to video editing software like Adobe Premier Pro, students familiarize themselves with various audio and video tools through an enrichment program.

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These courses are for anyone who wants to learn how professionals work in the industry. Even high school students who want to explore the world of audio-video media are welcome to register.

Reach out to The Media Arts Center if you have any questions about the center, its courses, or anything else.