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Class #1
Intro to Voiceovers

Lab 1. Write commercial copy
Lab 2. Practice reading commercial copy

Class #2
Intro to Podcasting

Lab 1. Schedule a guest(s) and topic for Podcast
Lab 2. Perform a Podcast with guest in studio

Class #3
Intro to Reporting/Anchoring

Lab 1. Write up a news or sports story
Lab 2. Perform reading news/sports story

Class #4
Intro to Show Preparation

Lab 1. Group project of full show preparation
Lab 2. Group performance of created show

Class #5
Intro to Traffic and Weather reporting

Lab 1. Write up individual traffic and weather stories
Lab 2. Perform traffic and weather reports on the green screen

Class #6
Intro to Sports Play by Play

Lab 1. Research and choose a previously aired sports event
Lab 2. Write and voice track a sports play by play in real time

Class #7
Intro to Special Events coverage

Lab 1. Research and schedule covering an external event
Lab 2. Cover event and write and perform related scripts

Class #8
Developing a professional portfolio

Lab 1. Compile, write, and edit personal branding portfolio
Lab 2. Practice intros/out-tros for job/gig/event coverage

Learn more about audio performance.

Are you interested in audio performance? You may be looking for a place to enhance your skills and spark your creativity. The Media Arts Center can help you do this. The audio performance course offered at this enrichment center is available to all who want to learn more about this topic and take their skills to the next level.

Audio Performance in Charlotte, North Carolina

Courses are all four weeks each and are offered to those in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Some of the topics covered in the audio performance course may include audio recording, digital audio workstations, audio editing, virtual instruments, sound design, recording techniques, and more.

At the end of the course, you will have a solid knowledge of audio performance and be able to apply your skills to different situations and disciplines. And if you are ready to continue your skills, you can take another course on a complementary or different topic.

The audio performance course provides a good overview of music production, post-production for film and television, and other specialized areas of audio production. You will receive hands-on experience and work on practical projects that are typically part of audio performance courses.

Learn more about the field of audio performance and continue to refine your skills by registering for this course. If you want to know more about the audio performance course or start the registration process, contact The Media Arts Center today.