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Class #1
Intro to Adobe Audition

Lab 1. Practice intro lesson in group project
Lab 2. Perfect intro lesson in group project

Class #2
Intro to Podcast Editing

Lab 1. Develop and perform and draft Podcast
Lab 2. Edit draft Podcast

Class #3
Intermediate Adobe Audition

Lab 1. Practice resourceful draft performance
Lab 2. Edit draft performance

Class #4
Intro to Digital/Social Media

Lab 1. Develop content for personal branding page
Lab 2. Write/refine/publish draft media content

Class #5
Advanced Adobe Editing

Lab 1. Finalize independent editing projects
Lab 2. Review final work with instructor or director

Class #6
Multitracking and Delivery

Lab 1. Practice creative edits and multitracking
Lab 2. Rewrite, refine, release tracks

Class #7
Special Effects, graphics, and audio inserts

Lab 1. Advanced special effects practice
Lab 2. Demonstrate special effects to instructor or director

Class #8
Production house internships, jobs, and search tools

Lab 1. Research, tab, and (mock) apply to related positions
Lab 2. Work with director or instructor on placement opportunities

Learn all about audio production at The Media Arts Center.

Audio production is an essential part of creating nearly any type of media, from films to broadcasting to podcasting and more. Competence in audio production is something you can’t overlook if you want to pursue a field in audio-video media. But even if you want to learn just for your own enjoyment, excellent audio production can take your media to the next level and leave a professional and meaningful impression on those you seek to impact.

Audio Production in Charlotte, North Carolina

The Media Arts Center offers courses in audio production taught by skilled instructors who have a decade of industry experience on average. The Media Arts Center focuses on providing students with hands-on experience rather than the fundamental concepts of audio production, but recognizes the importance of each. Students learn to use the equipment professionals in the industry use, including advanced microphones, mixers, speakers, headphones, and more. Instructors at The Media Arts Center focus on making production tools easily accessible and training students to use professional software to edit audio recordings and optimize sound quality for their projects.

By expanding your technical skills in audio production, you will be equipped to make the high-quality media you are interested in, whether you want to gain experience in radio, podcasting, reporting, or something else.

If you would like to take advantage of all the educational enrichment center has to offer you in Charlotte, North Carolina, contact The Media Arts Center today.