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Class #1
Editing Tools

Dive into the fundamental tools of video editing. Learn to set goals for your projects, establish limits, and organize your workflow efficiently. Understand the layout of editing software and get hands-on experience with trimming tools. The first project involves editing a dirt bike video, focusing on moving elements in the timeline and mastering the use of trim tools.

Class #2
Adjusting Audio

Explore the intricacies of audio in video editing. Discover techniques for adjusting audio levels, integrating graphics seamlessly, and utilizing essential keyboard shortcuts. Expand your timeline toolset. Apply these skills to a practical project involving a sports drink commercial.

Class #3
Layering Video

Delve into the art of layering videos, emphasizing the use of B-roll to enhance storytelling. Apply these concepts to a project centered around doughnuts, showcasing your ability to craft compelling narratives through layered visuals.

Class #4
Videos for Social

Understand the specific requirements for social media video content, focusing on dimensions and effective exporting. Apply these principles to a classified project, emphasizing the importance of tailoring videos to different platforms.

Class #5

Uncover the world of video effects and master their controls. Learn to enhance your storytelling with visual effects. Apply your skills to a project where you’ll experiment with various effects to create a captivating visual story.

Class #6

Learn the art of incorporating graphics into your videos. From finding images to seamlessly laying them in the timeline, develop the skills needed to enhance your projects. Apply these techniques to a project involving the integration of a logo and text.

Class #7
Color Correction

Explore the nuances of color correction, utilizing tools like Lumetri Color, Ultra Key, and Luma Key to enhance the visual appeal of your videos. Apply these skills to a project that challenges you to correct and enhance the colors in a video.

Class #8
Advanced Techniques and Final Project

Elevate your editing skills with advanced techniques, including transitions, collaboration tools, and troubleshooting tips. Culminate your learning journey with a final project—a cinematic montage that showcases your proficiency in visual storytelling, integrating all the skills acquired throughout the course.

Video production courses can expand your skill set.

Whether you have a passion for creating videos or would like to learn more about the video production process from professionals in the industry, you can turn to The Media Arts Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. This educational enrichment center is dedicated to expanding the skillsets of students in a number of areas relating to audio-video media. The Media Arts Center’s classes work to equip you with the technical skills you need to take your creativity to the next level and produce better, higher-quality media.

Video Production in Charlotte, North Carolina

The available video production courses are designed to offer you hands-on experience. Too often, students graduate from their programs without the technical know-how or portfolio they need to succeed professionally. Taking a video production course is a great way to fill in those gaps.

Instructors strive to train students on using the equipment and software they can expect to use in the field. HD cameras, professional lighting, and Adobe Premier Pro are just a few examples of the tools students will become proficient in through courses and studios.

Understanding how video production works is useful in many professional contexts, and The Media Arts Center strives to make sure students have the tools to apply what they have learned during courses and after. If you would like to learn more about what The Media Arts Center can offer you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.