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Class #1
Introduction to digital marketing in Media (radio/TV)

Brief introduction and career history
What is Digital Marketing in the media industry?
How things were vs. how they are now in Digital Marketing for Media and what’s ahead?
Two sides to Digital Marketing in Media (career paths)

Class #2
Terminology/Digital Products

Learning basic terminology/digital products in the digital marketing sales world.
Questions about basic terminology.
CPM, and related apps, etc..
Applying CPM to presentations and campaigns

Class #3
Client/Department Relations in the Radio/TV industry

How to present to a client/department in the industry (using terminology from previous class).
Expectations in the media industry for Digital Marketing.

Class #4
Social Media Marketing: FB/IG

Social Media Campaigns. What are they?
Using basic social media campaign tools.
Basic Terminology when launching a social media campaign.
Go through previous campaigns via screen share and outline measurables/how campaigns work.

Class #5
Social Media marketing continued: Video Content

Different types of Social Media Video Content
Using basic social media video editing creating tools on the fly.
Basics when launching a video campaign.
Going LIVE on social media

Class #6
Applying Digital Marketing to YouTube/Podcasting

How do they correlate?
Is this something I can do on my own?
Branding yourself, 30 min LIVE Podcast

Class #7
Developing a Strategy for getting hired in the industry

Where are you looking?
-TV –Radio -Network
-Marketing Agency/Social Media Marketing
-Other possibilities (working for a company in social media marketing)
-I want to try to do my own thing
Online resume/bio/examples of work
How do I stand out?
Do I need to re-think my strategy?

Class #8
Your Final Assignment.

Brief on terminology via Google Docs assignments/quizzes
Brief on CPM
Brief on digital products
Brief on presentations

Gain valuable skills in digital social media management.

Social media is widespread, and digital social media management has become increasingly important for businesses of all kinds. If you are looking to pursue a passion in digital social media management, or if you are already working in this field but want to enhance your skills, consider taking courses at The Media Arts Center. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, this enrichment center offers brief, four-week courses in digital social media management.

Digital Social Media Management in Charlotte, North Carolina

Some social media management professionals find that they are lacking in certain areas even if they can do their job competently. The available digital social media management courses are designed to enhance your skillset and provide hands-on experience that will improve your work and make you more competitive to employers.

Instructors are industry professionals with years of experience who can provide interactive training. In these courses, you’ll learn about marketing for a number of different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and the tools you can use for more effective social media management.

Digital social media management courses are affordable and flexible. Whether you’re a recent graduate or want to pursue your passion, these courses can equip you with the skills you need to show your best work to the people who matter most.

Contact The Media Arts Center today if you would like to learn more about the available courses or if you have any questions.


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