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Class #1
Assignment: Loglines

Class #2
Review of Loglines

Assignment: Structure Map

Class #3
Review of Structure Maps

Assignment: First Draft of Screenplay
Lab One – Screenplay Formatting

Class #4
Review of First Draft Screenplays

Assignment: Second Draft of Screenplay
Lab Two – Format Correction; Wordsmithing

Class #5
Review of Second Draft Screenplays

Assignment: Third Draft Screenplay
Lab Three – Dramatic Devices: Hero Id; Ticking Clock; Foreshadowing; Dialog Echoing; Backstories; etc.

Class #6
Review of Third Draft Screenplays

Assignment: Fourth Draft Screenplay
Lab Four – Scene Breakdowns / Table Reads

Class #7
Review of Fourth Draft Screenplays

Assignment: Specific Polish Elements / Final Draft

Class #8
Review of Final Draft Screenplays

Learn more about writing effective film scripts.

Before you can cast actors, design sets, and start recording, your film must have a script. And this script must be organized, engaging, and interesting enough that people want to make a film from it. Film scriptwriting is the art of writing scripts for films and television production, and it serves as the foundation for any film, providing the blueprint that directors, actors, and producers follow to bring a story to life on a screen.

Film Scriptwriting in Charlotte, North Carolina

If you enjoy writing film scripts or this is something you want to start doing, it helps to take a course that covers the basics of film scriptwriting. The Media Arts Center offers courses on film scriptwriting that provide a solid foundation of how to write an effective, engaging script. All courses are provided in a brief yet efficient 8-week format at an enrichment center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The film scriptwriting course covers a variety of topics all related to writing a script. For example, you will learn more about how to develop characters, set up a story structure, create descriptive scenes, account for visual developments, and more. The purpose of this course is to help you enrich your scriptwriting skills and build your confidence when writing new scripts.

The film scriptwriting course is designed for budding film scriptwriters and even long-time scriptwriters with experience in the filmmaking industry. Contact The Media Arts Center today to learn more about what this course covers and start the registration process.