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Refine your knowledge and skills of production and performance.

Have you always wanted to learn more about what goes into the production of a film? Are you interested in the performance of actors and how you can take your acting skills to the next level? There is so much that goes into creating a quality film, and the production of the film and the performances of the actors go a long way.

Filmmaking, Production and Performance in Charlotte, North Carolina

Taking a class on filmmaking, production and performance is a great place to start if you are interested in enhancing your skills. The Media Arts Center is here to help you expand your knowledge and learn more about different topics in the filmmaking industry. Learn more about filmmaking, production and performance by registering for a course completely focused on this topic.

Opportunities for learning and engagement are available in the form of eight-week, affordable courses in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. The Media Arts Center’s educational enrichment center focuses on building the skills of aspiring filmmakers and enhancing the portfolios of creative individuals who want to put their knowledge into practice. During each class you take, you will learn from experienced instructors and then receive the opportunity to apply what you learn, so you can become an effective creator yourself.

Fuel your passion for filmmaking and gain new skills by registering for a course on filmmaking, production and performance. Learn more about this class and what it can teach you or start the registration process by contacting The Media Arts Center today.