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Learn the nuances of filmmaking in a meaningful, skill-driven way.

If you’re interested in creating original content and stories through the filmmaking process, finding a way to gain hands-on experience can be tough. Online classes may be convenient, but they often fail to provide the tangible, real-world experience you need to actually learn the various elements that go into the filmmaking process.

Filmmaking in Charlotte, North Carolina

Thankfully, there’s another option for those in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. At The Media Arts Center, you’ll find filmmaking courses that have been thoughtfully designed to optimize your learning experience with hands-on training taught by real industry professionals.

These filmmaking courses cover content such as:

  • Screenwriting– An essential part of the filmmaking process is screenwriting, which serves as a blueprint for your storytelling and is where you will develop elements such as dialogue, action, and scene descriptions.
  • Casting & Directing– Once you have a story to tell, you’ll need to carefully select people who can bring it to life. Learning how to successfully navigate the casting process, recognize talent, and develop the strong interpersonal skills needed for casting and directing will help shape the feel, look, and narrative of the project.
  • Film Production– The film production process encompasses all the stages of bringing a film to life. Film producers are responsible for overseeing aspects such as budgeting, scheduling, hiring crew, securing permits, and managing resources, and must also collaborate closely with directors, cinematographers, and other key creatives to ensure the project stays on track and meets artistic and financial goals.
  • Film Post-Production– Technical work such as editing, sound design, visual effects, color grading, and distribution are all done during the post-production phase of filmmaking. Professionals from a wide range of fields, including sound designers, visual effects artists, and editors, all work together to refine the raw footage and transform it into a polished final product.

If you’re interested in learning more about filmmaking, consider signing up for a carefully crafted eight-class course that has been designed to provide real, hands-on experience. New courses start at the beginning of the month and run for four weeks. Reach out today to learn more.


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