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Improve your film post-production skills.

Once a script has been chosen and it has been brought to life during the recording process, the film still isn’t ready for release. This is because it must go through the film post-production phase, which occurs after the actual filming has been completed. Film post-production is a critical stage where the raw video footage is transformed into the final, polished product that audiences will eventually see.

Film Post-Production in Charlotte, North Carolina

Film post-production involves a series of processes that contribute to shaping the auditory and visual aspects of the film. This process may also involve refining the overall storytelling of the film.

If you are interested in enhancing your film post-production skills or simply learning more about what goes into the final stages of creating a film, turn to The Media Arts Center. A variety of courses are available at this enrichment center in Charlotte, North Carolina, all focused on the digital arts, like film post-production.

The film post-production course covers a variety of topics all related to refining raw video footage and turning it into an engaging, interesting film. Some of the skills taught include editing, sound design and editing, music composition and score, color grading, final editing and revisions, and more.

The film post-production course is taught in an efficient 8-week format, so you can learn what you need to know to enhance your skills. Contact The Media Arts Center today for additional information about this course or to begin the registration process.