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Class #1

Students will get instruction on the Lumix GH-5 or 6 Camera. Students will go through the setting up of the rig which includes the Tripod, Camera and Gage assembly and operation in different types of shooting styles – Stationary, Handheld and other moving type shots

Class #2

Students will work with Florent and incandescent lighting. They will learn different types of light styles for different types of scenes and situations. Most of the lighting will also be learned as they are setting up lights for the scenes in their own movies. They will get a broad overview during these classes.

Class #3

Students set up the camera, lights and prepare an external sound recorder while building a mini set to record a scene. A scene is picked. Click here for video – we show the whole scene to go over the setup and emotion of the scene but only recreate from 2:42 to the end of the video in our shoot. The Students build a shot-list and start to get to work. Here is a completed version created by one of our classes. Click here for video

Class #4 + 5

Once the scene is shot, students will enter into the editing phase with the footage from the Scene Dissection exercise. Students can start to see their work come together from work they did on the Scene Dissection. Students get into the editing process with syncing sound and video, graphics, keyframe animation for movement and other special effects.

Class #6

Students start to complete the screenwriting classes and start to put together acting bio’s and “pulling their sides” from the script. Students start to think about locations for the shoots and other production needs. Students will put together ads that will run backstage and other film coalitions to bring in actors for the casting segment of the course.

Class #7

Students take the “sides” produced from the script and do readings with the actors that come in to audition for the various roles. Students digitize and build a private YouTube link for the auditions and start putting together their casts. Once the actors have been secured, students go into scheduling their movies. They work out times and locations and block out times for the shoots with all involved. This part of the class can happen outside of regular class hours.

Class #8

Students start to shoot their films. The Student who is having the film shot is the director. They call the shots. The other students are the crew and helping hands to that shoot. Each student will have a turn at directing their own film and also be part of other movies being produced. The student is getting a lot of hands-on practice at this time.

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Have you always wanted to pursue filmmaking and create original stories? There are a lot of options out there to get you started, including a traditional education, but if you are looking specifically to gain technical skills involved in film production, turn to The Media Arts Center’s educational enrichment center based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Film production courses are offered that are specifically designed to help students reach new heights and explore their creativity by strengthening their technical skillsets.

Film Production in Charlotte, North Carolina

The available brief, four-week courses are an affordable and flexible option for students of all experience levels. High schoolers who want to learn about film production, graduates with filmmaking degrees, and people who want to pursue a passion can all benefit from film production courses.

In joining us, you will learn how to use a variety of equipment and tools that professionals in the industry use every day. You can expect to learn about screenwriting, sound and lighting, how to shoot footage properly and how to edit your videos or films using industry-standard software. Instructors will offer you effective training and help you realize your creative vision.

To learn about film production or other courses, contact The Media Arts Center today. The instructors at The Media Arts Center are here to offer you the guidance you need and help you on your way to achieving your filmmaking goals, whatever those may be.