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Filmmaking Cameras and Lighting Syllabus





Class #1

Students will get instruction on the Lumix GH-5 or 6 Camera. Students will go through the setting up of the rig which includes the Tripod, Camera and Gage assembly and operation in different types of shooting styles – Stationary, Handheld and other moving type shots.

Class #2

Camera Operator –Learn how to control the shot’s framing, and the camera movements as instructed by the director of photography including aerial photography when camera operator is qualified and equipped to film using of drone camera.

Class #3

Digital Imaging Technician – See how to use various image manipulation methods to achieve the highest possible image quality during the production. This person usually manages the transferring and storage of the image data as well.

Class #4

Director of Photography – The director of photography (D.P.) is in charge of the overall visual look of the film, as seen through the camera. Learn which recommend cameras and lenses to use for the production. Then design the shot’s framing and the camera movements in conjunction with the director.

Class #5

Steadicam Operator – The steadicam is a camera mounting device that utilizes a mechanical arm attached to a body harness to provide extremely smooth hand-held shots. The steadicam operator is responsible for setting up and operating the steadicam during production.

Class #6

Gaffer – The gaffer is also known as the chief lighting technician. You will be responsible for developing a lighting plan according to the film’s needs. The gaffer informs the best boy and key grip on where and which lights are to be placed. The gaffer is in charge of creating the best possible lighting scenario according to the camera framing.

Class #7

Lighting – Students will work with Florent and incandescent lighting. They will learn different types of light styles for different types of scenes and situations. Most of the lighting will also be learned as they are setting up lights for the scenes in their own movies. They will get a broad overview during these classes.

Class #8

SCENE DISSECTION Students set up the camera, lights and prepare an external sound recorder while building a mini set to record a scene. A scene is picked. – we show the whole scene to go over the setup and emotion of the scene but only recreate from 2:42 to the end of the video in our shoot. The Students build a shot-list and start to get to work. Here is a completed version created by one of our classes.

The Media Arts Center welcomes those seeking real-world experience in filmmaking, cameras and lighting.

Filmmaking consists of many facets, all of which work in tandem to produce a polished final product. Cameras and lighting play a significant role in the overall look, feel, and storytelling of a film, often influencing the actors as they perform, as well as the viewers who will eventually watch the finished piece. Many people are captivated by the precise melding of technical skill and creative vision that camera and lighting work require, and if you’re one of those people, pursuing skill development courses is a great way to break into the industry.

Filmmaking, Cameras and Lighting in Charlotte, North Carolina

Gaining hands-on experience in filmmaking, cameras and lighting can be a challenge if you’re going through traditional programs or courses. Many are online and focus on lectures, which certainly have their merits but aren’t of much use to those seeking real-world experience. If you’re seeking a place where you can get practical, skills-based training in filmmaking, cameras and lighting, The Media Arts Center is the place to turn.

Each of the 4-week programs offered at The Media Arts Center is broken up into 8 highly focused classes that provide plenty of instruction as well as ample opportunity to work with and learn from experienced industry professionals who are ready to share their knowledge and insights with you. From operating handheld, stationary, and moving cameras to creating lighting plans, the courses will cover all the basics of filmmaking related to cameras and lighting.

If you’re ready to take the next steps in your professional development, enrolling in filmmaking, cameras and lighting courses at The Media Arts Center is the way forward. Courses start at the beginning of each month and are open to those in and around the Charlotte, North Carolina area, so reach out today to learn more about the enrollment process or to inquire about upcoming courses and programs.