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Assignment: Loglines

Class #2

Review of Loglines
Assignment: Structure Map

Class #3

Review of Structure Maps
Assignment: First Draft of Screenplay

Lab One. Screenplay Formatting

Class #4

Review of First Draft Screenplays
Assignment: Second Draft of Screenplay

Lab Two. Format Correction; Wordsmithing

Class #5

Review of Second Draft Screenplays
Assignment: Third Draft Screenplay

Lab Three. Dramatic Devices: Hero Id; Ticking Clock; Foreshadowing; Dialog Echoing; Backstories; etc.

Class #6

Review of Third Draft Screenplays
Assignment: Fourth Draft Screenplay

Lab Four. Scene Breakdowns / Table Reads

Class #7

Review of Fourth Draft Screenplays
Assignment: Specific Polish Elements / Final Draft

Class #8

Review of Final Draft Screenplays

The screenwriting courses offered at The Media Arts Center will provide the essential tools you need to develop a compelling story.

If you’ve ever watched a movie, TV episode, video game, or other plot-driven piece of media and found yourself in awe of how beautifully crafted the story was, there’s a screenwriter out there somewhere who is largely to thank. Screenwriting is the process of creating the blueprint for mass media and involves extensive research, narrative development, script writing, and other aspects of a story.

Screenwriting in Charlotte, North Carolina

If you’re interested in learning more about screenwriting, whether for your own personal passion projects or as part of your path into the media industry, taking screenwriting courses at The Media Arts Center is a great way to gain tangible experience from real-world professionals.

Here are just a few things that you can expect to learn from the screenwriting courses offered at The Media Arts Center:

  • Story Development– Screenwriting involves developing original ideas or adapting existing material into screenplay format. The central story is fleshed out, including aspects such as characters, themes, the central plot, and the setting. Screenwriting requires the writer to draw on various sources, including real-life experiences or real-world current events, historical events, existing literary works, and more.
  • Character Creation– Screenwriters work to create multidimensional characters that have distinct personalities, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses and craft a story that takes the characters through a developmental arc of some kind. Well-developed characters are essential for building a connection with the audience and lending authenticity to the story.
  • Dialogue Writing– Learning to write natural-sounding dialogue is one of the more difficult aspects of screenwriting, since so much is conveyed through it. In addition to moving the plot along, dialogue often reveals character traits, important information, and other critical elements of a story.
  • Structure & Formatting– While the development of a story is the heart of screenwriting, there are also conventions and technical guidelines that a good screenwriter must learn. The courses offered at The Media Arts Center will help you master those technical skills in addition to honing your story development and creativity.

To learn more about upcoming courses at The Media Arts Center, or to start the enrollment process, reach out today. The enrichment center is conveniently located in Charlotte, North Carolina, so call today to get started on the path toward achieving your screenwriting goals.