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Start your path toward mastery of television production with real experience using the equipment and tools that industry professionals use.

Since television’s invention in the 1950s, it has become a staple in households across the globe, offering programs on everything from current events and other news to niche content on incredibly specific interests. If you’ve ever wondered how all these programs come to life, you may have considered taking a course on television production. However, finding courses that offer real, hands-on experience can be a challenge. Too many rely on online modules and virtual learning, which may be helpful in some areas, but lack the practical skill learning that is required to truly grasp all the many facets of television production. That’s where The Media Arts Center comes in.

Television Production in Charlotte, North Carolina

The television production courses offered at The Media Arts Center allow attendees to gain real experience with the equipment and tools that industry professionals use. You’ll learn from instructors who have real-world experience and can guide you through the process from conception to distribution, allowing you plenty of opportunity to put your knowledge to the test and engage with the content on a meaningful level. Courses consist of eight classes spread over four weeks and have been carefully designed to provide you with the tools and guidance you need.

Whether you’re just getting started pursuing your interest in television production or are looking for courses to boost your technical skills and provide hands-on experience, the courses offered at The Media Arts Center will help guide you on your way toward achieving your goals. The educational enrichment center is conveniently located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and new courses begin at the start of each month. Reach out today to learn more about upcoming courses or how to get started with the enrollment process.