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Take your video editing skills to the next level.

It’s one thing to know how to take powerful, engaging video footage, and it’s another to know how to edit this footage so that it becomes an interesting and cohesive film. If you want to know more about video editing and what goes into creating a powerful video once the footage has been acquired, turn to The Media Arts Center.

Video Editing in Charlotte, North Carolina

Courses are available on a variety of digital arts-related topics, video editing included. All courses are provided in an accelerated 8-week format at an enrichment center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Take the video editing course, and you will learn foundational editing skills and receive hands-on training from experienced instructors.

There is a lot that goes into the video editing process. For example, during this stage of creating a film, you may need to select and combine raw footage, add visual and audio effects, and refine the overall presentation of the video to achieve the desired look and storytelling. Some of the skills you may learn in the video editing course include audio editing, transitions, assembly, cutting and trimming, titles and graphics, rendering, review and revisions, and much, much more.

The video editing course can help you enhance your overall editing skills and improve the way you edit films once they reach the post-production stage.  Contact The Media Arts Center today to learn more about the skills taught in this course or start the registration process